Services of the Chamber

Commercial card and certificate of origin

Issuance, renewal, suspension and revocation of membership cards

Issuance, renewal, suspension and revocation of commercial cards

A membership card is issued to use the Chamber’s service and a commercial card is issued for business activities. Commercial card holders have a membership card by default


To improve the level of specialized knowledge and business skills of the members and business community, Training Department of Chamber holds face-to-face and virtual training courses, in accordance with the needs of members in various fields, including business, banking and foreign exchange transactions, legal, transportation, trade laws and contracts, management and training courses required by organizations and departments according to the developed schedule.


consultants of Chamber give advice in tax, economic and legal matters to the members of chamber free of charge.

Specialized Commissions:

   Lorestan Chamber raises the problems of members and business community in all related fields in its commissions and tries to solve the problems as much as possible by using the opinions of the commission members.

  The specialized commissions also review the laws of the relevant fields and their executive regulations and establish interaction between the public and private sectors in the relevant fields.

Specialized Commissions of Chamber are as follows:

 Tourism and Services Commission, Trade Commission, Transportation and Customs Affairs Commission, Industry and Mining Commission, Banking, Insurance and Taxation Commission, Information Technology, Communications and Knowledge-Based Business Commission, Agriculture, Water and Natural Resources Commission, Civil and Technical- Engineering Services Commission

Public-Private Dialogue Council

In order to exchange views between the government and the private and cooperative sectors and facilitate the economic activities of these sectors, review and remove barriers to business and make effective decisions for the necessary actions within the existing laws and regulations and provide appropriate proposals and solutions to the relevant authorities, Public-Private Dialogue Council has been established in Lorestan Province and its secretariat is Lorestan Chamber of Commerce ,Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

International Affairs:

International activities of the chambers play a very important role in promoting the business of economic actors. As international interactions increase, the exchange rate, the level of job creation, the level of global communication, the rate of productivity exploitation of international opportunities increases.

Department of International Affairs of the Chamber has always worked to expand and strengthen trade, industrial, mining and agricultural relations with other countries, develop non-oil exports and strengthen and support the products of the province’s companies. In this regard and in accordance with the economic-export capabilities of the province, International Affairs Department of the Chamber dispatches and receives trade-economic delegations, communicates and cooperates continuously with foreign embassies residing in Tehran and embassies of the Islamic Republic of Iran in other countries and holds conferences and training courses related to the needs of business community of the province.


  • Dispatching business delegations to the target markets of the province to study the target market and existing opportunities, identifying and recognizing potential and actual competitors, familiarity with the rules and regulations, negotiating with relevant trading parties, visiting the facilities of commercial and industrial parties, concluding agreements or contracts, and finally starting or expanding activities in target markets
  • Receiving economic delegations from target countries to become more familiar with the economic and export capabilities and potentials of the province and creating a favorable platform for activating and expanding the activities of the province’s companies in new markets and fields of work.
  • Holding national or international conferences (especially to attract foreign investors in the province), participating in international, regional and national events and conferences
  • Holding or participating in international, regional and national exhibitions with the participation of the companies of the province
  • Signing memoranda of understanding, Twinning (sister city) Agreements and economic, trade and industrial agreements with the target countries of the province

Public Relations

Lorestan Chamber Public Relations tries to inform the members in a timely manner by using modern technologies. The website, SMS system, cyberspace, letters and communication devices are the communication channels of the Chamber with the members.

Economic Research Center:

Since the beginning of 1995, in accordance with the method of establishing and empowering the Economic Research Center of the Chambers, the Economic Research Center in the Lorestan Chamber was established with the aim of conducting analytical studies, comparative field studies, compiling expert reports, preparing, reviewing and analyzing Statistics.

 In addition to the goals intended for the Research Centers of the Chambers, the Lorestan Chamber Research Center is also responsible for supervising and guiding the training Center, and in this regard, It tries to hold Seminars, training courses and practical conferences, in accordance with the needs of business community of the province with the presence of prominent national and international professors and to this end, interaction with universities and educational and research centers at the national and international levels is on its agenda. Continuous training of chamber’s staff is also a requirement for chamber’s growth, which is included in the programs of the Research Center.

Association Affairs

With reference to legal standards, including Article 5 of the Iran Chamber Law and Articles 1 and 5 of the Law on Continuous Improvement of Business Environment, Chambers of Commerce are obliged to prepare the conditions for the creation, registration and organization, merger, networking, integration and cohesion of economic associations in order to protect the rights and legitimate interests of members and improve the economic status of real and legal members legally as well. For implementation of these laws, the Chamber has put the creation, registration, organization and empowerment of the province’s economic associations on its agenda to be informed of the issues and problems of the field of activity of business community of the province by creating an atmosphere of interaction with the private sector and to pursue solving their problems according to its legal status and inherent duties as well.

The most important goal of Lorestan Chamber’s Association Affairs Department is to promote organizationalism and strengthen the belief in the preference of collective interests over personal interests.

The associations registered in Lorestan Chamber are:

  1. Organic Association of Lorestan Province
  2. Union of Exporters of Lorestan Province
  3. Lorestan Businesswomen’s Association
  4. Entrepreneurship Center of Lorestan Province
  5. Lorestan Entrepreneur Youth Association
  6. Association of Knowledge-Based Companies of Lorestan Province
  7. Association of Technical and Engineering Services Companies of Lorestan Province

Arbitration Center, the branch of Lorestan Chamber:

Regarding the facilities and in order to reduce the number of times that chamber’s members refer to judicial departments and to keep their dignity and personality and solve the problems between the third party in international and domestic trading relations simultaneously, in 2013, the Board of Directors agreed to found an Arbitration Center office in Lorestan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture;

Abrar Charity Society

Abrar Charity Society is a non-profit and non-political institution that was established in 2009 by the chairman of the Iran Chamber and a group of economic activists as an association affiliated with the Iran Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture.

In 2014, the academic support plan was launched in Lorestan Province and the Chamber, during which the Abrar Charity Society of Lorestan Chamber was able to take effective actions to create academic enthusiasm among talented but poor students and has achieved significant academic success.

Since Lorestan province is one of the less developed regions of the country, consequently, there are a lot of talented but poor students in the province. Fortunately, with the support of the Lorestan Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture, the number of supported students has reached 90, which has also led to success in terms of quality and achieving the set goals.