The History of Khorramabad Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture:Khorramabad Chamber of Commerce, Industries, Mines and Agriculture with much effort of a group of traders and economic activists was established in 1374(1995) and since then 5 rounds of elections have been held in this Chamber.

 The Islamic republic of Iran Chamber of Commerce Industries and mines of is a nonprofit institute which has civil rights and it is independent and the purpose of its establishment is to provide the causes of growth and development of country’s economics by strengthening the private sectors.

Until 1347 (1968) the Chamber was managed under the supervision of the former economy office. From 1350 to 1390(1971   2011) its name was the chamber of commerce, industries and mines.


Then on Aban   1390(2011)by ratifying of the whole  progressive plans of working atmosphere  in Islamic parliament the word Agriculture was added to its name so now it is active under the title of the chamber of commerce industries, mines and agriculture.

Based on ratified law on Esfand 1369(1990)the central Chamber is called Iran Chamber which is active in Tehran and the range of activities of other cities’ chambers are confined to country’s divisions that Khorramabad chamber is a branch of Iran chamber located in Khorramabad and it is active now.

The mega aims of Khorramabad Chamber;*Helping Lorestan province in commercial development of the province and country.*Helping to promote the welfare and comfort level of society in the province.

*Strengthening the privet sector.The Skeleton of Khorramabad Chamber:Board of Representatives: The main assembly of Chamber which includes 15 people of the chamber members are elected every 4 years.Board of directors: Among Board of Representatives of the Chamber, 5 people take the responsibility of Board of directors, one person is the president, 2 people are the vice-presidents,1 person is the treasurer and 1 person is the secretary.